Looking to add new speakers to your room?

If you are looking to add some new speakers to your studio room, living room, kitchen or where ever it might we have some ideas for you. There are a few different type of speakers you can use in your home to fill with your favorite music. What we are going to do is share the different type of home speakers you can use to do so.

Floor Standing Speakers

First, we have the floor standing speakers or also known and tower speakers. These type of speakers are good if you already have a home theater receiver and are looking to upgrade. They are also much more powerful than your typical bookshelf speaker. However, they can cost more depending on size, power, brand, quality, and many other factors. I recommend these tower speakers to people that know what they are doing or already have a stereo receiver and want to make an upgrade on your sound system.

Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are similar to the ones above but are much smaller. This is where you can let size fool you. Some of the best bookshelf speakers can out perform tower speakers and that’s a proven fact. These type of speakers are usually for people who want small speakers, not spend to much and want the best sound for the money. There are hundreds to choose from and can cost from $50 all up the way up to $1,000 plus.

In Ceiling Speakers

If you don’t want to take up any room and pretty much has your speakers not seen, then having some of the best ceiling speakers are the way to go. You can either buy ceiling mounted speakers which are mounted from a bracket on the ceiling and hang. Or you can buy in-ceiling speakers that are build into your ceiling like a heating vent build into the floor or wall. You can find ceiling speakers the are wired or wireless depending on your stereo system setup. You can find great sets of ceiling speakers on eBay or Amazon for a good price. Or you can buy the singly depending if you want better quality speakers in certain rooms or whatever.

Wall Mount Speakers

Wall mount speakers are just as they sound. Either they come with brackers to mount the speaker on wall or you have to buy them seperate. This is something you want to double check before buying if you buy online. However, most of the time they are included with the speakers but is all best to double check the whats included in the box section. Wall mount speakers are in the average price range and are very afforable wall speakers. You can also by them wireless bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about wires running all over the place.

Surround Sound System

Surround systems are like all-in-one system that usually connect to your TV. However, you can find these bluetooth enabled and can connect devices such as; iPod’s, Smartphones and tablets to stream music with ease. These are the most popular type of speakers because it’s a bundle and is easy type of speaker system setup.

The Verdict

When it comes to choosing what type of speakers to buy, you need to think, what are you doing to use them for? How do you want it setup in whatever room your setting it up for in. these are things you have to decide because each and every person buy speakers for different ways of usage.

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