Best & Top Rated Floor Standing Speakers 2017

We all love music of course. However, when it comes to jamming out to some of your top and favorite songs having the top floor speakers is a must. Floor standing speakers are some of the best kind of speakers you can have when you want the best sound quality and taking up the little amount of room.

We all know when it comes to watching your favorite movie or jamming out to you’re favorite song have a good pair of home audio speakers is the way to go.

Floor speakers are the type of speakers you want to have in your house when you want to consume space and get the best bang for your buck. With that being said, below we had our staff hand-select some of the top-rated floor standing speakers you can get for the money.

Floor Standing Speaker Reviews 2017

Klipsch Reference Series RF-82

When it comes to find one of the top floor standing speakers for under 500 dollars the Klipsch Reference Series RF-82 is the way to go. Klipsch is one of the top home audio brands you can find on the market and always have the top perform home audio floor standing speakers you can buy. The sound quality and bass the Klipsch Reference Series RF-82 deliver is just all-around amazing and wont find a better bang for the buck.

The Klipsch RF-82 speakers include an amazing one inch titanium tweeter that delivers nothing but perfection. Between the 1-inch tweeter and the 8” cerametallic woofers and the double 12” drivers just deliver unreal results. If you’re looking for crystal clear sound with bass that shakes the room then the Klipsch Reference Series RF-82 speakers are the ones to go with.

Whether you are listening to you’re favorite music and watch a movie these speakers will give you the sound effects that you’re looking for. When it comes to finding the best surround sound speakers for the money these are the speakers to have.

Infinity Primus Three-way dual 6-1/2-Inch Floor standing Speaker

When it comes to have a good home audio sound system, the Infinity brand is amongst the top brands on the market. Even though you find the price of these speakers high than other brands they will out perform them hands down. The dual INFINITY PRIMUS P36BK speakers are built with dual 6.5 inch drivers that are built for super low frequency drivers.

On top of that, the INFINITY PRIMUS P36BK floor standing speakers have 19mm MMD hi-frequency drivers for all the mids and high sounds. These speakers were built to hear every sound in each and every movie and song you play. These five way binding post floor standing speakers are like no other. When it comes to spending money and looking for quality the INFINITY PRIMUS P36BK speakers are the ones you are going to want to have.

All in all, these are some of the top-rated and best-selling tower speakers you can own. When it comes to this kind of quality and bass these are the ones you’re going to want for movies and music.

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